Nail art is an integral part of fashion. Colorful fingertips augment the many available choices of personal style. Whether the choice is business attire, formal elegance, avant-garde or demure, nails are a further extension of one’s personality. O'Nine is based on the philosophy of safety, health & environment (or S.H.E.), which redefines nail art by offering beauty enthusiasts a healthy fashion choice.

Taking the lead in the development of healthy alternatives, O’Nine has overcome the limitations of traditional nail products…so safe that they can be applied directly to the skin! Our products have abandoned the technique of film formation during solvent evaporation in favor of advanced cross-linking polymer technology. O’Nine PureGel contains only dental-grade resin and natural mineral color making it the first of its kind “100% active ingredient, no solvent added” gel nail system. O’Nine products have also been verified to contain no heavy metals by SGS, the most authoritative independent testing agency worldwide. What does all of this science mean to you?


- The healthiest nail products you can purchase for your salon

- Incredible durability while maintaining maximum flexibility

- Virtually odorless solvent free formula

- DBP and TPHP free, as not to disrupt hormonal balance

- Medical alcohol removal, so no contribution to lingering acetone odor

- Made in the USA

At O’Nine, we value the health of nail professionals and their customers above all else, while providing a superior product! Try it for yourself today and you’ll be thrilled with your experience and your results!

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